Diet issues (Greece)

We now start our 5th interview and with us today are Ms. Popi Livaniou and Ms. Antonia Chatzigianni, both Halki residents to talk to us about diet issues in the previous decades compared to nowdays. Antonia, can you please inform us on the diet habits of Halki residents? Our eating habits were then very healthy […]

Food Memories

Our experiences were that while we had food at home which reflected the wide variety of our backgrounds there was a lot of common experience through school meals, cafes and especially the Sweet shops! There has been a revolution in British eating habits with an amzing variety of foods from all over the world now […]


CHILDHOOD Childhood today and childhood of the past is the topic of today’s discussion. The guests are Danica Amič, a retired teacher and Mojca Zupanc, a teacher of music. Childhood: Summary in English OTROŠTVO O otroštvu nekoč in danes smo tokrat razmišljali z upokojeno učiteljico Danico Amič in glasbeno pedagoginjo Mojco Zupanc. Danica je že […]


Sabina age 68 My memories from my childhood connecting with traveling to a school. At winter we ski to the school! We caught to the cart and this way we got to the place! It was dangerous but also it was great fun. Julia age 64 Well my primary school was at the hill. At […]

Infancia y adolescencia

Celebramos en Onda 4 un debate entre alumnos y profesores del IES Pérez de Guzmán respecto a la infancia y la adolescencia. ¿Cómo viven los jóvenes ese cambio vital? ¿Cambian sus relaciones con sus padres, sus hermanos, sus amigos?

Giochi di bambini

CHILDREN MEMORIES AND GAMES On the programme opening our guests presented themselves: Vita 72, Franca, 82 and Cassandra 28. Vita and Franca have kinds and grand kids, they are both retired. Cassandra has no children but leaves with her boyfriend and works in a company in the field of education. Franca started telling us about […]

Childhood (Greece)

We now start with the 6th interview for this program with Ms Antonia Chatzigianni and Ms Popi Livaniou, both being permanent residents of Halki, to talk to us about childhood now and in previous years. So Antonia tell us please in general terms, when children were born did they face difficulties during their infancy or […]


Again the memories came from Londoners from different countries. Positive memories include the freedom of children back in the day, with the ability to go off bike riding without fear, the fun of the outdoors, on beaches, cooking fish in the hot sand, swimming and the enjoyment and freedom of nature. It does seem now […]


Żanetta, chairwoman of student government of Univeristy of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz There is a big interest among students to go abroad to improve their language competence and live for a while abroad. Most of the students treat it as a adventure an opportunity to see something new. Adam, in charge of foreign cooperation at […]


Europe New radio show at Pérez de Guzmán High School where we talked about the European identity and the impact of the European policies in society. In the debate we had the participation of Raquel García, José Luis and Leopoldo Pavón. Raquel García works in our high school teaching English. She is involved in school […]