Prazniki Nekoč In Danes

HOLIDAYS TODAY AND HOLIDAYS OF THE PAST The topic of discussion is holidays: what they mean, how we spend our holidays today and what has changed – in comparison with the past. Guests: Kornelija Bratkovič, a nurse and Miha Zakošek, in retirement. Summary in English PRAZNIKI NEKOČ IN DANES Časi se spreminjajo, z njimi se […]

Popular traditions / feast days (Easter)

EASTER Teresa Soroka Before the Second World War we celebrated Easter in different way. The priest used to come to believers’ homes to hallow the eggs. It was very important to cover the table nicely. After the war we had to go to church to hallow the eggs and the basket should have been covered […]

Fiestas populares

First of all, the participants discuss about what a festival is. Both girls think that a festival is a festivity different from other places and attended by all the inhabitants of that place. SUMMARY IN ENGLISH El tema tratado en el programa de hoy son las fiestas populares: Como punto principal es definir qué es […]

Feste popolari

Act for Share è un progetto realizzato con il contributo di Life Long Learning Programme che coinvolge 6 stati europei (Spagna, Polonia, Inghilterra, Croazia, Italia e Slovenia) e finanziato dalla Comunità Europea. Nelle trasmissioni un giovane e un anziano si confrontano su tematiche del quotidiano e dando la loro visione e prospettiva su questi temi. […]

Easter traditions (Greece)

We start the 3rd interview and with us are Ms Anna Libanioy and Mr. Peter Antonoglou all being permanent residents of Halki to speak to us about lore and customs especially during the Easter period like it is now. Anna, do you think that young people today, of your age, are still following these traditions? […]

Holidays & Festivals

A man, Chris, and a woman, Val, both 50+, had a discussion about their experiences of holidays and festivals when they were growing up. Chris talked about Xmas when he was growing up in Coventry as being a time spent at home with the family and at church. Xmas would be a time when the […]

Samooskrba S Hrano

SELF–PROVISION OF FOOD How important is local self-provision with food? Guests in the studio: Ms Greta Amon, owner of organic farm and restaurant, and Boštjan Vreže, a young farmer and a winner of home made quality produce award. Summary in English SAMOOSKRBA S HRANO Kako pomembna je lokalna samooskrba s hrano? O tem sta v […]

Eating habits

In Poland, after the period of communism, people were impressed by western European lifestyle as it was with the new way of eating called fast-food. During the communism people had their lunch in cheap so called milk bars. The food was poor quality there but these kind of bars were very popular then. But then […]

Hábitos alimentarios

Obesity: It is a very serious problem that has developed a few years ago and currently affects 20% of young people in Spain. Spain is one of the countries with the highest obesity rates in the world and especially in Europe. SUMMARY IN ENGLISH Los temas abordados en entre programa son: Obesidad: Es un problema […]


FOOD AND EATING HABITS Guests of second meeting of Act For Share dedicated to nutrition are Franca, 82, Vita, 72, and Cassandra, 28 . The first point is eating problems, such as anorexia and bulimia. Vita and Franca saw that this problem doesn’t exists when they were young because it was very difficult to have […]