Medgeneracijski Odnosi

INTERGENERATIONAL RELATIONS In Slovenia, a radio host Snežana talked to an 18 year old Miklavž and a 67 year old Fanika. Miklavž is a high school student and Fanika a very active pensioner, the head of the project The elderly for the elderly. Intergenerational relations: Summary in English   MEDGENERACIJSKI ODNOSI Tema prve oddaje je […]

Social relations (Poland)

About Polish seniors Iwona: Polish seniors are specific and very diverse. There are group of people who feel they are really seniors but there are also group of people over 60 who are active and busy. And this kind of active aging model is more and more popular now in Poland. Some of old people […]

Relaciones intergeneracionales

Celebramos en Onda 4 un debate entre alumnos y profesores del IES Pérez de Guzmán respecto a las relaciones integeneracionales. Nos explican su experiencia con sus padres, sus abuelos… ¿Qué cosas comparten y qué otras les distancian? ¿Se sienten comprendidos los jóvenes? ¿Qué deben aprender de los mayores?

Relazioni sociali

SOCIAL RELATIONS Today we had in the studio: Eros, 71 and Irene 23. Valentina is the coordinator of the show. The topic was social relations between young and older people and how this has changed over the years and the decades. They first started talking about how the dialogue face to face has changed. In […]

Relations between men and women (Greece)

The people that participated in the interview were Constantis Fragakis, aged 79, farmer and Maria Patera, age 24, private sector employee. The interview was coordinated by Evangelos Eliades. The interviewer and the participants are all Halki residents. Questions dealt with the relations between men and women, the young and the old, and also family relations, […]

Morningside Seniors

Wise Age interviews and discussions have all involved participants who now live / are citizens of the UK but were originally from another country. This is a reflection of the multi national and multi cultural nature of London – where less than 50% are people who originate from the UK.

Ženske V Sloveniji Danes

SLOVENIAN WOMEN TODAY The broadcast is based on impressions of two individuals: Ms Aleksa B.A. of Social Sciences, now retired, and Žiga, a secondary school graduate. Both were asked what it means to be a woman in Slovenia today. Summary in English ŽENSKE V SLOVENIJI DANES V Sloveniji se je moderatorka Snežana pogovarjala z magistrico […]

Role of women

Gender ideology, in other words cultural sex, social sex and psychological sex or sexual identity, is a sum of the characteristics and roles adopted by men and women in our (?) culture through socialization. A symposium on gender issue was organized in the Higher Seminary in Koszalin. Its host, the catholic priest Janusz Bujak, explained […]