The project theme and activities promote cultural, social and educational realities of citizens in partner countries within the realm of the European Year of Citizenship 2013 addressing realities of the young and old on a transnational level which promote a more empathic understanding and cooperation between citizens of the partner countries and by permitting participants to have different perspectives on same issues addressed in different countries.

It also promotes each partner country on an European level giving each institution an opportunity to present its activities and work and to establish a network of connections with similar institutions in Europe.

The use of the web radio will permit transnational broadcasts to be more efficient by reaching out to a much larger audience on an European level at a lower cost while sharing learning experiences between partner country citizens.

We will also act as a support system to the formal education system in an informal way by promoting alternative ways of learning.

Impact on Learners/Trainees: Training received during the project will impart certain problem solving skills, employment creation skills, IT skills as well as social skills in intergenerational communication.

Impact on Staff: This project will enhance the staff in supporting the non-profit as well as the business sector and the public sector within their community. It will also improve their skills in transnational projects and stimulate creativity for new projects.

Impact on participating institutions: The profile of each institution is enhanced by participating at an international level while having the opportunity to promote and disseminate its activities at a European Level. This can open new doors for the institution creating more space for international exchanges within the European Union.