Objectives & strategy

1)The partnership aims at transferring knowledge between seniores and juniores leading to increased cooperation between both parties through the exchange of selected successful pratices in each country.

2) We also aim to disseminate different findings and perspectives on the same topics in each of the partner countries.

3) Promoting active aging in each of the partner countries, helping young people to become more employable by improving their soft skills acquired through their interaction with seniores.

The project will address issues like improving learning attitudes in seniores and juniores dispelling preconceived ideas in both age groups and reducing the gap in intergenerational interaction.

The approach will be to promote awareness of the wealth of human capital in older generations by facilitating the channels of communication so that this source of knowledge can be used to the benefit of the community as a whole.

We will also act as a support system to the formal education system in an informal way by promoting alternative ways of learning.