Meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The 3rd partner meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Partner organisations in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership »Active Citizenship for Seniors and Juniors Share via web radio« met for the 3rd time. In Ljubljana, Slovenia, we discussed the progress of the project, planned new interviews and round tables.

Our host was Glotta Nova, Center for new knowledge.Glotta Nova is a private international adult education training centre, specialized in leadership, motivation, communication, design and team management, trainer education, neuro-linguistic programming coaching … We also visited radio Štajerski val, where Slovene shows are recorded and broadcasted. Radio Šmarje is Slovenia’s oldest local radio station, which began transmissions in 1953. We also met representatives of Slovene Philanthropy, Association for promotion of voluntary work. The central activity of Slovene Philanthropy is the promotion of volunteering.

3-7 July 2014


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