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Relations between men and women (Greece)

The people that participated in the interview were Constantis Fragakis, aged 79, farmer and Maria Patera, age 24, private sector employee. The interview was coordinated by Evangelos Eliades. The interviewer and the participants are all Halki residents. Questions dealt with the relations between men and women, the young and the old, and also family relations, […]

The position of women (Greece)

The second interview (held in January 2014) regarded the position of women in the past and today, in the then local community of Halki and in the one today. In the interview the people that took part were the Elikoni Sfyrioy, aged 85, and Anna Livaniou age 25, both being Halki residents. The following come […]

Discriminations between men and women (Greece)

We are now starting the 4th interview and with us today are Ms Anna Lebaniou and Mr. Peter Antonoglou both residents of Halki to talk to us about discrimination nowdays. So Peter, concerning discriminations between men and women, were there any differences back in your time let’s say? In our times there were no such […]

Easter traditions (Greece)

We start the 3rd interview and with us are Ms Anna Libanioy and Mr. Peter Antonoglou all being permanent residents of Halki to speak to us about lore and customs especially during the Easter period like it is now. Anna, do you think that young people today, of your age, are still following these traditions? […]

Diet issues (Greece)

We now start our 5th interview and with us today are Ms. Popi Livaniou and Ms. Antonia Chatzigianni, both Halki residents to talk to us about diet issues in the previous decades compared to nowdays. Antonia, can you please inform us on the diet habits of Halki residents? Our eating habits were then very healthy […]

Childhood (Greece)

We now start with the 6th interview for this program with Ms Antonia Chatzigianni and Ms Popi Livaniou, both being permanent residents of Halki, to talk to us about childhood now and in previous years. So Antonia tell us please in general terms, when children were born did they face difficulties during their infancy or […]

National identity of places and countries (Greece)

We now begin the 7th interview of the program regarding the national identity of places and countries within the European Union together and for that matter we have here with us Ms. Maya Tenosvili, a resident of Halki for the last two years, studying in Athens and Mr Petros Ioannou also being a Halki resident. […]

Environmental issues (Greece)

We begin the eighth interview of the program, this one on environmental issues of Halki and with us today we have Rania Ioannou, who is a resident of Halki and in the last two years she studies in Heraklion, Crete and Petros Ioannou also a Halki resident who deals with fishing and more. Rania let’s […]