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This partnership includes 5 countries and institutions with competence to organize an european project within the framework of the Life Long Learning Programme. It proposes to value the knowledge of senior citizens especially that of retired ones so that the wealth of personal experience acquired is not lost and also aims at improving their quality […]


EDRASE is a Non for Profit Company that was founded in 2010. Its main aim is to promote Science and Social Science in Greece and the EU through seminars, lectures, discussions and the production of educational material. We are based in a remote Aegean island but we operate across the Aegean Sea Archipelago connecting it […]


The Algaba de Ronda is located on a mediterranean mountain farm, immersed in a sea of trees, gall oak, holm oak and cork trees, and surrounded by an amphitheatre of mountains. The Algaba de Ronda has developed an integrated management model of the mediterranean forest based on three disciplines: Agroecology, Environmental Education, and Experimental Archeology. […]


Glotta Nova comprises a team of educational trainers, professionals and experts, theoreticians and practitioners, who have acquired their knowledge both at home and abroad, and are specialized in the following areas: leadership, motivation, rhetoric, communication, sales, marketing, design and team management /leadership, design and goal achievement, creativity and innovativeness, time management, stress control /handling stress, […]


APERTO Association was set up in 2005 to counteract cultural, economical and social exclusion and to support citizens with fewer opportunities. APERTO aims to address cultural, economical and social imbalances through: – providing civic advices – promoting voluntary service – supporting social integration and equality. Non-formal education for adults is main field of our activity. […]


Wise Age is a leading Age & Employment research body. As an educational charity our mission is to produce quality evidence-based research in order to inform decision makers, the public, and business of the situation of age in the labour market and to reveal areas where age discrimination takes place. OBJECTS The promotion of equality […]


Radio Radicchio è una radio SENZA FINI DI LUCRO, ascoltabile online sul sito Radio Radicchio nasce sette anni fa da un gruppo di ragazzi con l’esigenza di far sentire le proprie idee, voci, suoni e movimenti che nella realtà quotidiana normalmente non emergono. Offriamo programmi di natura multiforme, spaziando dagli eventi culturali all’approfondimento politico, […]