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Aperto (Poland)

Social relations (Poland)

About Polish seniors Iwona: Polish seniors are specific and very diverse. There are group of people who feel they are really seniors but there are also group of people over 60 who are active and busy. And this kind of active aging model is more and more popular now in Poland. Some of old people […]

Role of women

Gender ideology, in other words cultural sex, social sex and psychological sex or sexual identity, is a sum of the characteristics and roles adopted by men and women in our (?) culture through socialization. A symposium on gender issue was organized in the Higher Seminary in Koszalin. Its host, the catholic priest Janusz Bujak, explained […]


There is a strong discrimination in Poland in many areas. In many households the men think that they don’t need to be involved in house- keeping because they have serious work outside. Most of employers are men and they also prefer to employ men than women. If a woman applies for a job she has […]

Popular traditions / feast days (Easter)

EASTER Teresa Soroka Before the Second World War we celebrated Easter in different way. The priest used to come to believers’ homes to hallow the eggs. It was very important to cover the table nicely. After the war we had to go to church to hallow the eggs and the basket should have been covered […]

Eating habits

In Poland, after the period of communism, people were impressed by western European lifestyle as it was with the new way of eating called fast-food. During the communism people had their lunch in cheap so called milk bars. The food was poor quality there but these kind of bars were very popular then. But then […]


Sabina age 68 My memories from my childhood connecting with traveling to a school. At winter we ski to the school! We caught to the cart and this way we got to the place! It was dangerous but also it was great fun. Julia age 64 Well my primary school was at the hill. At […]


Żanetta, chairwoman of student government of Univeristy of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz There is a big interest among students to go abroad to improve their language competence and live for a while abroad. Most of the students treat it as a adventure an opportunity to see something new. Adam, in charge of foreign cooperation at […]

Ecology in Poland

It’s not easy to run agricultural farm. It means that you don’t use fertilize, chemistry. And it has to repay! So many farmers complain about it and they go the easier way. They produce cherries juice without cherries or they make cheese of soya. It is very important to educate consumers because the food products […]

Music and dance in Poland

Karolina She took part in the intergenerational project organised by APERTO. She could learn how to dance tango, foxtrot, quick step. In her opinion the present dance is all about standing on two legs and bopping with the music beat. Artur The most popular dances nowadays are linear ones as e.g macarena as well as […]

Can we change the world?

Think positively and act actively! Share good and extend the good zone around you! This is all about it today. How we can change the world. And it is not about revolution but work for others. Voluntary service! APERTO Association involves young and adult people for this kind of work in Koszalin. Thanks to APERTO […]


There are different ways of spending free time by seniors. But most of those who we interviewed are very busy and happy. Mr Grzegorz One of them is Mr Grzegorz who has very interesting hobby. He loves collecting gadgets connected with fire service. He has been collecting them for over 15 years. He also has […]


Internet Everyone can feel as a celebrity today because all of us are monitored by cameras and we are recorded all the time. Computer scientist Internet makes that we lost our privacy. Sometime it happens unconsciously. We agree for some terms and conditions not reading them and then the information about us is copied and […]


  There are many examples for different ways of learning in our local communities. Intergenerational way of learning is common in Tymen. It is small but active community close to Koszalin. The folk group is very well-known there. Both seniors and children are involved. Every generation contributes in different way but both of them learn […]